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We just love ice cream!

Our place is located on North Avenue and close to Harlem in River Forest. Our ice-cream manufacture is Valpo Velvet in Indiana who is the best & largest ice-cream manufacturer in Indiana. We are proud to partner with them.

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Cooking  & Serving Happiness

Suburban K is our Catering Kitchen for  large quantity of bakery & grinders orders.  If you want to order Suburban K food for your event, visit Ice Ice Baby website's Menu section for more info. Visit our store or Call through 872-999-0111 to order Suburban K's delicious foods!


It's what's on the inside that counts









Ice Ice Baby is a product of SNF Logix Inc. It started in Chicago in 2019 with service providing of 3PL logistics, custom compliance & consultancy, Exports & Import, services of SMB Investment & consultancy. Over the time period SNF Logix Inc has helped to build more than 23 SMB businesses and brought them in to success.


Based on experiences Investing & helping SMB businesses in the food industry, in 2021 management decided to expand the business territory with their own Restaurant Management. Therefore, as a first step management decided to start a new adventure with Ice Cream + Cafe business. Here Ice Ice Baby was born as a product for your enjoyment.

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