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For the best party!

We are so happy to serve our ice+creams and other goodies at your party or event and make it more fun. If you are looking for our bakery treats such as donuts and other sweet stuff, please call us for 872-999-0111 bookings at least 7 days prior in order to give you quality service.

Thank you !

Kindly check below for packages for your event.

Ice+cream Hut

60 - 90 Min serving / 3 Flavors of event hostess choice / 4 Toppings included.

Ice cream Hut building depends on the location as we need 15 ft x 15 ft area.  Otherwise we will set up our backdrop with tables at the event premises prior to start of the event.





40 - 50 scoops max - $225.00 (60min)

50 - 75 scoops max - $325.00 (90min)

75 - 100 scoops max - $425.00 (90min)

$100 Refundable Security Deposit needed for any package.

(Please check with customer service for more information)

Ice Cream Flavors:

Chocolate, French Vanilla, Strawberry, Cookie Dough, Cookie & Cream

Blue Moon, Birthday Cake, Cotton Candy.


Chocolate Syrup, Rainbow Sprinkles, Whipped Cream, Cherries

(we only accept events with in 20 miles radiant from our store location 7361 North Ave, River Forest, IL 60305). If you have any special instructions, please let us know before the event.

Important :

Please be aware most of our products may contain eggs and dairy. 

Deposit & Payment:

$100 Security Deposit + Selected Package payment required before the event.

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